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H O N O R I N G   Y O U R   L I G H T   B O D Y
Have you been intending and dreaming to eat a certain way and have not had the stamina to stick with it?
Have your new year's intentions even begun in terms of exercise and fitness goals?

Are you afraid of feeling deprived from foods that contain no nutritional value?
Are you feeling sick & tired and are actually ready to commit to putting yourself first and feeling better?

It is time to remove the resistance, drama & trauma around nourishing ourselves and becoming our own best parent.

After many special requests, I found out that the #1 cause of holding on to weight is stress, so I was inspired to create a tapping experience around getting aligned with changing our minds in our bodies and investigating what emotional stories in our history are blocking our path to health.

I have created a 4 week psycho-spiritual container for you to get clear and empowered with your relationship to food, your body and your goal, clearing any resistance with Emotional Freedom Technique to building a healthy connection with upgraded quality of nourishment and the more fulfilling nurturing you are truly seeking.

How about learning how to connect with your body's innate wisdom more?

Let's reprogram our cellular memory!
Let us activate our light bodies and create SOULutions for our best life ever!
​ (because
nobody is going to do this for us!!)

In these 4 weeks we will:
-receive 4 weeks of  info and guided inquiry
-get clear on your ideal program you choose to follow
-define how you want to feel
-examine cravings and their origins
-commit to  physical movement and be supported with accountability partners
-do weekly emotional questionnaires that you fill out as homework
-receive a custom made tapping video every week
-empower yourself with energy medicine techniques 
-become your own energy manager

-share space in a secret FB group with prompts, inspiration and ongoing emotional & practical info (optional)
-upgrade our perception and judgements about our bodies
-practice more acceptance, release more shame
-regain vitality on every level

Your biology is your biography, so let us release the past together
*Option to be self-paced or part of a group experience

Only $88 
$88 Mission Possible
“If we surrendered
to earth’s intelligence
we could rise up rooted, like trees.
Instead we entangle ourselves
in knots of our own making
and struggle, lonely and confused.
So like children, we begin again...
to fall,
patiently to trust our heaviness.
Even a bird has to do that
before he can fly.”

― Rainer Maria Rilke
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Alchemical Union 2.0 - Balancing your Inner Yin + Yang

Baby I’m a Star!
 Resolving pain + Creating inner balance for your best life ever
(How to make yourself more desirable to yourself, then others)

Heart centered beings with broken hearts yet looking for love!
Is your soul craving to be free of old pain, grief and patterns that keep weighing your body down or contribute to the same thought loops? Do you wish you had never loved at all than feeling the pain of lost love, betrayal, rejection, abandonment and unworthiness, just dreaming to be plucked up and rescued by your dream love?

That is what I keep hearing lately, and at the same time therapists and doctors are still prescribing pharmaceuticals to help people cope with their pain because they just don’t want to deal with it anymore, nor talk about the same old topics in therapy.  People are choosing numbing right and left over investigation and time spent actually affirming our feelings and allowing them out to see the light of day to be dissolved.

It is nearly impossible to move forward into one’s dream without confronting our lodged, emotional knots in our bodies and psyches.  We get hurt and traumatized in our relationships, wanting new partners to fill the voids that we don’t know how to fill ourselves, masking our wounds and expecting the next person to fix us with their mighty love for us.

That is just not their responsibility. It is time to take stock, stop blaming, mend our wounds and free our nervous system of our emotional past. How can we expect someone to love us if we don’t accept big parts of ourselves?

Resolving pain and making room for your personal power to rise so you can surf the waves of life with more grace and discernment is a practice and I have created an action-able course to witness your journey with energy medicine tools that will bring more neutrality into your reality, over triggers, reactions & victimhood.

This is about creating alchemical union within us and stepping into balance with our divine feminine and divine masculine and revealing the shadows so that we may embrace life in a more informed way.

We will expose and break subconscious patterns that have been sabotaging our relationships, heal and forgive ancestral and cultural conditioning and programming and you will leave empowered with a tool box to navigate your intentional path.

Your biology is your biography, so our goal is to access the generations of genetic trash and move the emotional signature of fear, grief, shame, unworthiness and rejection that has been passed on and that you have recreated based on your vibration. We will consciously co-create a portal together to bring our body and minds into the present moment with authenticity, integrity and intimacy. This is about unfolding your heart in a safe, confidential, compassionate space and open to new, magical possibilities.

Join me for an intimate, unconventional guided journey at a digestible pace. Option for self paced or group spirit over 8 weeks. It is time to release unreasonable expectations on ourselves, breathe a little deeper, exhale a little more and learn tools to work with yourself and not against yourself. This is a ripe time for re-mothering ourselves to access our true nature and release the funk that still leads to self sabotage.

Join the investigation and experience emotional freedom for yourself:

The more Self-mastery you garner, the greater your light will be to attract and keep your beloved
- Astrologer Kelly Rosano

*   *   *
BABY I’M A STAR - begins Friday Feb 22 to your inbox for 8 weeks through April 12


4 Emotional freedom healing tapping videos (released every 2 weeks)
Four one hour long tapping sessions for you to complete in a call and response fashion, helping to change your mind in your body by tapping on acupuncture points while introducing new language and upgrades to your nervous system and psyche.  We acknowledge our emotions and limited thinking and release outdated programming and stored negative emotions. This is past, painless and effective with trauma and PTSD.

FB group spirit support
Option to join group to process and witness other’s journey which speeds up our healing process when we see how much pain and disappointment others have suffered, giving you more empathy and compassion for self and others, thus releasing the strong hold of your self-judgements.  We can cry, laugh and inspire eachother and share imagery.

4 Rose Yoga videos
Four yoga and embodiment classes via Zoom, which will be recorded (option to attend live) 20-30 minutes in length for release,integration and embodiment.  As a certified yoga teacher, I am pleased to add these essential pieces with heart opening exercises to help the flow of the material we are processing. As women, we are powerful filters and are always buffering and processing.  These exercises will aid and support with release of the old and embracing the new energies we are stepping into.

Weekly inspiration, story telling + Q & A in FB group
I will pop in every Friday for 15 minute for motivation, check in, talking story and answering any questions that are coming up for you. Can be viewed at your leisure.

Creative Prompts
This is a full bodied and multi dimensional experience. There is music involved, altar building, flower essence options, yoga, dance, photography, art and writing.  You will not be the same after - we are using our imagination as the portal into the new.

Private 1 hour session with me
Book an optional 1 hour healing tapping session within a 3 month period at a highly discounted rate. Opportunity to dig into some root causes and deeper trauma release with me.

Opportunity to gather in Hawaii this summer
Do you want to celebrate your transformation together on the newest earth? Swim with dolphins in the wild and visit the top of our 13,000 ft mountain and feel the steam of Mama Earth’s breath? Experience a self love ceremony in paradise? I am opening my doors this summer and welcoming guests for a private or group retreat.

Regular price $197 for 4 weeks, now 8 weeks of hand holding to your inbox: 
​$88 or $123 with a private 1:1 healing tapping session with me to help you get to root causes

R E G I S T R A T I O N   N O W   O P E N

Rose Yoga - Tapping into Heart Courage
Changing your mind in your body

$88 Baby im a star
B E N E F I T S:
We are in a time where the clearer we get on our needs the more relationships are shifting into the field of neutrality and unconditional love.  We are in a time of defining our partnerships by coming from a place of balance over lack and conflict.  Imagine feeling more trust and empowerment in all of your relations, especially with yourself.  It is time to stop the war within ourselves. #alohanewearth

- awakening to self love, feeling more centered
-learning to discern your thoughts vs intuition
-improved relationship with self, family & partner
-intimate understanding of ones' origin of patterns
-deeper learning on boundaries
-lessen stress + anxiety
-decreased physical pain
-more confidence and increased personal power
-closer connection with spirit and ancestors
-improve relationship to body + your space
-inspired creativity
-attracting higher love relationships
-experiencing your best life ever (we can improve every day)

I have been sharing this course for 5 years now and have seen participants shift in their personal power, perspectives, change relationships, attract mind blowing love, grow in self confidence, get married, move and birth new life! 
I am honored to share this work!


"Firstly, I have never felt freer in myself, loved myself more and been more content with who I am as I have done after July. I have completely opened up also to others and not just to my new love. I feel closer to people in general. All relationships are well and thriving."
~Kaisa, Scotland

"You have helped uncover things my therapist hasn't been able to touch. Can I let myself be truly loved, seen, and valued by an amazing man? I believe the work was pivotal, as it opened me up to self forgiveness and self respect.
~Marty, Albuquerque

"Before I met you I was so done with men, relationships, love all of it.. Even though deep down all I ever wanted was to find "the one". I have known Alex for a couple of years and always thought he was nice and handsome. I never would have expected to be in love with him. He says he always knew there was something between us, but the timing was not right until it just was! Everything between he and I started so mellow. Never lustful and in a hurry. It has been PERFECT. I fall more and more in love with him every day. He blows me away with how sweet, thoughtful, passionate and loving he is. He pays attention to the details. He notices stuff about me and thinks that I am the most beautiful girl in the world. I can't find an angle of him that I don't like. And the feeling is mutual. Its always been so easy between us. We feel like we've been together forever. We have a lot of fun together. Yes, definitely twin flame feeling. We are both so happy and in love there is no reason to look any further. Awe..talking about it makes my heart swell with love to the point where I feel like it may burst! Thank you!!
To be more specific, my shift is that you helped me to restore my faith in love. True love, the real thing, in its purest form...does exist. I just needed to look deeper within myself to really see what that looks and feels like to me.
In no way do I feel like I am settling. He is THE most perfect man for me in every way. Really. It’s quite unbelievable to me. Xxoo"
~Kristin C, Santa Cruz

"I love Veruschka’s Alchemical Union workshop! Her perfect balance of deep introspection and gentle healing practices left me with a totally full and easy to use tool box to open my heart to loving myself and creating a version of myself that is ready to receive love and reciprocate that unconditionally. This was my first experience with EFT and I am completely blown away. Be prepared for some serious energy movement, though!!!" - Wendy, Berkeley CA

"I really enjoyed this Alchemical Union process, or unfoldment, with Veruschka. It allowed a process for me of going deeper into myself, of listening to, and seeing myself from a standpoint of Love, Courage, and Strength. I feel mostly that it has allowed me to look at myself in an unapologetic way, feeling uncompromising on what I want and expect from the Universe, my World, the People, and the Situations in it. I have done an extensive amount of work on myself, Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally, and it still, gave me perspective in a way nothing else has. Thank you Veruschka, my fellow Buddah." - Lauren, Los Angeles

"Veruschka, this has been life giving AND life changing!"
-Meg, New York

great video about the power of EFT

I can't wait to assist you on this powerful journey!

Join me today at veruschka.normandeau@gmail.co
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